October 26th, 2016



Кому интересно, что происходит за океаном, вот - письмо одного моего друга
(я не буду называть его имени, но это профессор математики в Нью-Йорке).

Пока просто пропощу, а потом, может быть, побеседуем (в комментариях).
Dear Lesha,
Perhaps you are interested in an Americqn's view of our election.
Preface: I have loved Hillary Clinton for many decades so my own
vote has never been in question.
Polls: The polls very strongly indicate that Hillary will win the
election by a large amount. Indeed (this is less clear) the derivative
is in her favor in these last weeks.
Election Campaign: This is universally felt to be one of the most
discouraging and disheartening election campaigns that we can remember.
It is so negative and so disgusting. The American people will really
need a long hot bath after this is over. Indeed, the most universal
sentiment is: I can't wait until this is over.
Russia: Russia has emerged as an important topic in the election.
Trump is far more pro-Russia and Hillary is very anti-Russia. (One
can argue whether these are positions on Russia or specifically on
Putin.) I personally favor Trump's position. (But this is almost
the only issue where I am with Trump's position.) HOWEVER, the
"hacked" emails of the Clinton team have been a big topic. There
are claims of the U.S. Government and others that Russia is behind
these hacks. (This is totally and strongly denied by Russia. I am
in no position to know the truth.) Clinton strongly uses that she
is being attacked by Russia in the election. This has been very
good for her in the election. The "hacks" themselves have had
some damage to Clinton but there has not been some surprise --
usually it is just of aides emailing to Clinton. But far more
important is the idea (whether true of not) that another country
(namely, Russia) is interfering with our election and nobody in
America likes that idea.
Trump: My personal feeling, shared by many but not everybody,
is that Trump is a dangerous demagogue. He began his campaign
referring to Mexicans as "rapists and murderers" and his intial
position was to ban Muslims from entering the United States.
I have never been so fearful of a candidate ... if you give
someone with this personality power they can get 10^6 times
worse. Almost every newspaper has been against Trump in their
editorials ... even some that have always been Republican.
It is really this sense that this man is a threat to the